The Importance of Journaling

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Journaling has always been a huge part of my life. I actually started Journaling in seventh grade when my teacher told us how important it was. I never imagined that journaling would become as big today as it is. We see people of all worlds, influencers, bloggers, celebrities, ect. coming out with daily journals, inspiration journals, affirmation Journals becoming a huge part of living. It has so many benefits to your daily life.

The benefits to me are astounding. I couldn’t imagine not journaling every day. It makes my days go so much smoother. If I have alot going on or a busy day, journaling every morning before my day starts makes it go so much smoother. I am a planner, and I’m a list maker, and they have become part of my journaling. It helps with your goals, and tracking your intentions towards those goals. It helps keep you accountable for those goals and helps to track your progress.

Journaling at it’s best

I feel Journaling helps with communication with yourself. We have alot of self talk with ourselves, and writing down those conversations with ourselves helps a bunch. It also helps you find inspiration. If you have goals, writing down your goal plan helps with your achievements. If you want to run a marathon, writing down your running or eating plan helps achieve those goals. I encourage all of you to not set your goals too high in a short amount of time. It will do nothing but cause you more stress if you don’t achieve them. We do NOT want that.

I feel Journaling strengthens your immunity. We feel good when we get our thoughts or feelings out. We feel good when we are achieving our goals. We feel better when we set our intentions for the day. This does the body, mind and spirit good. Journaling improves our mindfulness. We all need to learn to be more mindful in the present moment. I feel journaling does this for the mind. It helps to live each day to the fullest, and brings more joy into our lives. If you haven’t journaled before, it’s a great time to start.



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