The health trends Im taking with me into 2024.

Hey all!

2024 is here and there is no better time to roll your health into high gear. I’ve always been a huge advocate for health and taking great care of yourself. You are what you eat, and you get back what you put in is what I’ve always believed. I’m a bio hacker as some would agree, and I’m all about spicing up health and wellness into a whole new level.

I’m really into infrared saunas and cold plunges. The benefits are remarkable. It helps with inflammation, blood circulation, boosts your immune system and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. I recently just got an infrared sauna put into my home and I’m so excited to use it. Infrared is offered in so many treatments these days. The med spa I go to offers it in their facials and they are the bomb. Cold plunges are great to incorporate 2-3 times weekly. The benefits are amazing. Just adding 3minutes of ice cold water after your shower works wonders. They offer infrared sauna blankets for those of you who do not have access to a sauna. I own one, and it’s the best way to wind down at night before bed. Those are two things that I will continue with.

Hydration is key to all health and wellness. I’m incorporating more water into my days. You may seem like your hydrated, but most days we all don’t get enough water. You will see it in your skin , and your energy levels. I’m a huge believer in plant based food. It has made me feel amazing and I love eating super clean. I do love my cacio di Pepi, but I try to only eat it minimally. I don’t deprive myself by any means, but ultimately I eat clean 90 percent of the time. It just makes me feel good and definitely gives me more energy. Juicing is another thing that I absolutely love. I love making my own shots, juices, etc in the kitchen. I’m still trying to perfect my peninsula Chicago tomato juice which was made from the blue zone show on Netflix. It is amazing and so detoxing.

I will continue my acupuncture because I love my acupuncturist Subaru who is from Japan and practiced there so she is at the top of her game. She has taught me so much about my body. I love what acupuncture has done for me. Massage is another treatment I truly believe in. Our bodies need breaks. When I say breaks, I mean breaks from running around, working out, doing our day to day duties and getting a massage is something I truly look forward to.

Some of my favorite 2024 health trends I’ll take with me !

Digital detoxing. It’s a must.. The first thing I do each year is declutter my phone , my emails, my notes and so forth. I go through my apps and delete the ones I don’t use, or subscriptions that I don’t use. I even go through and delete messages and unfollow accounts that no longer serve me. Social media is draining, and can be very draining if you let it. It’s like a hamster on a wheel . Use it in a positive manner for inspiration. I unfollow accounts that are pointless or don’t do much for me. I love following accounts that inspire me. It’s not mean or rude to unfollow accounts that don’t do much for you. It’s about your personal space, and give it to the things that inspire, not tire.

Meditation. It’s a must in my life. I don’t go a day without it. I can’t tell you what it has done for me. People think it’s hard. It’s the furthest thing from hard. It’s silence, it quiet, and it’s giving yourself time to relax and sit by yourself in peace. It’s the most amazing thing I’ve ever started and I will never stop. It’s a game changer,

Well I thought I’d share some of my favorite health trends that will follow me into this new year! I’m so excited for 2024. I love starting new years, with new goals and empowering my mind in ways I didn’t know would happen. Meditation is one of them. It has changed my mind in so many positive and amazing ways. It gives you such a sense of peace and relaxation in ways I can’t explain.

Hope you are all off to an amazing year! Make it great!

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