Hey loves!

It’s wrapping time , and I absolutely take my wrapping seriously! I think that’s one of the best parts of Christmas is picking out the fun colors and ribbon.

This year I knew I wanted to add in black to the holidays. That included my trees. I added in black velvet ribbon this year and used it to tie small little bows on my trees. I then wanted the thicker velvet for ribbon on my gifts. I then added in deep Merlot velvet ribbon on black matte paper , which turned out absolutely gorgeous.

Loving my theme this year. So elegant

I realized this year that Matte Black paper is so popular, and there are certain kinds you want to stay away from. The kind I received from Amazon is a lighter matte paper which is easy on the tape. The thicker kind is very hard to wrap with. It seems you need an arm and leg of tape just to keep one end wrapped. I ended up not using that kind, and went with a more lighter matte finish . I then added a pop of green with some gorgeous greenery that I tucked in some gifts just as an added bonus.

I also used tiny bells to add in on some gifts as well. I think adding a cute ornament or something small is always so cute to add when they are opening up their gifts. They can then save them and use them on their tree the following year.

It’s a great way to add a bit of holiday flair to your wrapping. Amazon had some amazing matte paper and Pottery Barn as well. You get more for your money at Amazon of course. I picked up my velvet ribbon from Jo Anne Fabrics which has a huge variety of gorgeous ribbon in lots of beautiful colors. I love the crafty ornaments you can design as well at Jo Ann Fabrics.

My theme for the rest of my family this year is a variety of pinks and whites. I don’t quite have those wrapped yet, but when I do I’ll be sure to share it! Hope you all are having a fantastic holiday season.



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