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The Best Christmas Gift With The Truly Shave Kit

Hey everyone! Happy Monday!

I will be sharing many more gift ideas with you this week as the shopping season begins. Who isn’t excited about that? One item that I Truly love for this holiday season is the Truly Shave Kit. I can’t tell you how much I love this stuff.

This Truly set is remarkable

One thing about shaving is making sure you don’t get the red bumps, or not getting a close enough shave that you’d like. Well no more… Truly honestly offers the best items to get that amazing shave you have wanted. Ulta sells it as well as Truly themselves. You can buy each one separately , or you can get this great Christmas idea in a package. The aromas are amazing, and the glazes are on point. I use the butter to shave with. The smell is to die for. They truly knew what they were doing when they made this. lol. The razor is comes with is versatile, and perfect for that perfect shave. The butter is creamy and delightful. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand using the aerosol shave creams. To me they are too thick, and I don’t feel you get a close shave. This butter has a thinner consistency so it hits all areas very close.

This oil smells amazing

I love using their after shave serum after , and then their oil and I top it off with their moisturizer. It is SO good . I feel this is a great gift for the women in your life. One thing I know women love is a close, nice shave. Truly really topped it off with this one.

Once you use this Truly kit, you will never go back to the shaving oils or shaving foams. This one stop kit is perfect for travel and every day use. It makes your skin feel so amazing, and the aromas are perfection. Hope you all have a great Monday !

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