Sephora Spring Savings Event Beauty Must-Haves

The Sephora Spring Savings Event is here, and it’s a good one. This event is a great one, because if you are a Sephora lover, you know that this is basically the only one they have. This is a great time to purchase little gifts fo any birthdays coming up, gift bags you want to throw together, or any beauty must-haves that you are running low on. The best part about this sale is if you are part of the Beauty Insider perks, you could possibly shop the sale early. The best thing that helps me out is scan the Beauty products your running low on and make a list. The website, as you know has so many products so it can be a bit overwhelming to shop. If you find yourself shopping at Sephora, but aren’t a Beauty Insider member, you can just log on and become a member, just like that!

The one thing I truly love about Sephora is when you are a member, your points add up quickly. I can’t tell you how many free items I get with each purchase. They have a point system, and believe me, some of the freebies are great. It adds so much being a beauty insider member, especially if you love Sephora as much as I do.

These are some of my favorite fragrences

The Spring Event is as follows for Beauty Insiders:

For Rouge 4/1-4/11 (20%) VIB 4/5-4/11 (15%) Insider 4/7-4/11 (10%) Use code SAVESPRING

Perfumes and Fragrances – I am a huge lover of fragrance, and very picky. I have picked out all my favorite fragrances including the amazing YSL ( which is my favorite) All these fragrances have something special about them.

Sephora Beauty Products– These beauty products are what I have grown to love over the years. I can’t live without the Augustus Bader products. They are magnificent. The Gucci gloss is another favorite. There is something about the Gucci makeup that is just superb. The lipsticks are very smooth and give a lot of moisture to your lips. I hope you love shopping this amazing Sale as much as I do.

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