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Plant Based Vegan Enchiladas

If you are looking for a quick, healthy plant based meal , then look no further than this yummy enchilada meal. This meal is a family favorite and is packed with so many antioxidants. We as a family love Mexican food. It is one of our favorites. This is a great meal to add to your weekly dinner meals. Many people I talk to love their Mexican food, but they sometimes don’t know how to make it healthy. This is a great , healthy alternative to those high sodium meals you find in the restaurants.

INGREDIENTS ( this will feed 4 people)

-2 cans of organic vegetarian refried beans

-1 package of siete almond flour tortillas

-1container of organic small cherry tomatoes

-2 organic red bell peppers

-1 package of organic vegan cheese

-fresh cilantro herb

-organic enchilada sauce

In a skillet, on medium heat, put the vegetarian refried beans in and cook until completely done. Add in the peppers. Make sure you cook the peppers to full degree so they aren’t crunchy. Once everything is cooked, spray the bottom of a baking dish with olive oil. ( We don’t want the tortillas sticking to the dish.)Place one tortilla in the dish. Fill the tortilla with the filling. Chop up the tomatoes an place in the filling also. Put a bit of cheese and cilantro herb in there. Roll it up. Do this to each tortilla until they are all filled and rollled. Once they are all done, top with vegan cheese and spread the enchilada sauce over the top. You can add chopped tomatoes to the top also. Place in the oven at 350 for about 20-25 min. This is an amazing , delicious and healthy meal for the whole family to enjoy.

food dinner lunch meal
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