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Niidor Love! These adhesive bra inserts are made with love!

Hey loves!

I recently started wearing these amazing adhesive bra inserts by Niidor. I’m sure you have read on their amazing bra insets for any type of clothing option you prefer. These bra inserts are made so well, that you will never look back.

The most amazing thing about the Niidor insets is that there is something for every type of clothing. If you have a very low back cut out dress, they have the sticky adhesive bras that fit tightly and securely to the front to where you can go backless. These bras are so comfortable too. I can’t tell you how comfortable they are. You don’t need to worry about the sticky part coming off because they fit so amazing.

The best self adhesive bras from Niidor

Have a low cut dress? No problem. You can purchase their nipple covers in so many different colors. They fit securely over your nipples and you would never know. These bras are so versatile and made very well. There is something for everyone and any type of clothing you choose to wear. They have an online blog to help you learn how to clean your adhesive bra and how to use the bras.

These nipple covers come in a variety of colors

Do you feel like you need something to hold yourself up in certain dresses? No problem. Their boob tape is where it’s at! The tape fits securely and you will be going no where. Their items are galore and the best part they come in many colors of your choice. If you are looking for a great asset to your next dress or outfit, check out

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