Morning routines to me are so important for so many reasons. I am a very disciplined person by heart, and for me it’s a game changer. It honestly sets my day at least, and when I get in all my me time, my day just sets right. One of the first things I do once I get up is make me a nice warm cup of lemon water. This has been a huge necessity of mine for a few years. It regenerates your digestive system, and is so hydrating to your body. I try not starting off right away with coffee. I take my time drinking my water, and after about 20 minutes I’ll make me a nice beautiful cup of coffee. I love my coffee, and I’ll switch it up every now and then between a good , hot oat milk latte, or add in some mct oil creamer by Kroma Wellness in my coffee. I’ve tried to cut down on my cups as I was drinking upward 4 cups each morning. I really try to stay at 2 due to the fact their is so much dehydration with coffee.

I sit every morning by myself for atleast 20-25 min before my husband joins me for coffee. We have coffee together every morning and it’s one thing I absolutely love. I try to sit every morning and journal for about 5 minutes then will do a 15-20 minute meditation. I love the calm app and insight timer and The Class app. They are the best. This practice has always grounded me in such a great way. Meditation to some seems hard, but to me it’s an adaption that I feel I have perfected with time. That’s all it takes is time. It can do some amazing things. We love listening to music when having coffee. I love a good light jazz or Sinatra. It’s so relaxing. On most days, I will then head to the gym.

I try to do atleast 10,000 steps daily every day and 3 days weekly I’ll head to the treadmill, and then do lifting for about 25 minutes. Weight lifting is so important as we age, so I never forget about that. The off days I usually take up one of my lululemon mirror classes or the Melissa wood health class. I’ve recently started back Tracey Anderson Method. I love her. Her classes are so fantastic. I can’t rave about her enough. I make me a huge bottle of water before my workouts with added LMNT electrolyte powder in it. It makes me feel so good after my workout. I always workout on an empty stomach. It has always made me feel so much better.

My favorite mornings

Once I’m home from my workout, I usually break my fast. I try to do a 16 hour each day. I’ve went 22 hours before, and have been fine if I didn’t work out. I break my fast with a good protein shake or a egg scramble with lots of veggies, sprouts and avocado. It’s so good and healthy. If you are wanting to add a good routine to your morning, it really can add so much more focus, clarity and motivation into your day. I’m a huge lover of routine. It keeps you accountable . It really does help you have the very best days.

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