My Matcha Tea Love

One thing I have always loved has been Matcha Tea. I love making it as a tea with lemon and also love making a good latte with almond milk. I guess it’s whichever mood I’m in. I drink a lot of tea, and always have. To me , tea is peaceful, relaxing, and best of all healthy. I’ve tried to cut down on my morning coffee and replace with a good matcha or turmeric tea lately. I recently did a collaboration with pique tea and I am hooked. I have never loved a tea more. They are so easy to travel with so you never miss out on getting your daily dose of antioxidants.

Matcha Tea Love

Matcha Tea is full of the good stuff. It’s so rich in catechins ( plant compounds that have natural antioxidants). These are known to prevent cell damage, and lower the risk of many diseases. You know that antioxidants help to stabalize free radicals, and is known to help the liver. Matcha Tea is also known to help brain function. This is increased attention, more alertness, and an increase in energy. It also has beem known to prevent cancer. It’s high in EGCG which has very powerful anti-cancer properties. It has been known that Matcha Tea could help your heart. It helps prevent the oxidation process of LDL cholesterol. I guess my being such a health nut isn’t such a bad thing when it comes to my tea drinking. Matcha Tea lattes are especially good. I love mixing the powder with a good non sugar almond milk. I top it off with a bit of cinnamon, and it’s delicious.

One thing you want to remember when buying Matcha is to buy a good one. Stay away from the powders that are full of fillers, and claim they are all natural. Pique Tea has a great Matcha, and I also love Shayna Taylor’s Matcha Tea. She has some amazing recipes on her website. Not only can you make a good latte or tea, you can also cook with Matcha. You can add the powder to protein balls, cakes, pudding , cookies and much more. No matter how you take it, your getting lots of antioxidants .

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