My Favorite Perfumes For Spring

Happy February!

I can’t believe Spring is around the corner. It is the perfect time to spice up your perfume wardrobe. I have a few favorite perfumes that are my all time favorite for the upcoming season .First off, all these scents have some thing special about them. I have to say my top pick out of all these scents is the YSL. Everytime I wear this , I get asked multiple times what I’m wearing. I told you there was something special about YSL.

My favorite perfumes

Perfumes can be as luxury as you want them and you dont’ have to spend a boat load of money on a good scent. These are just a few favorites I’m sharing with you because I feel they are spring scents and I love the smell of every one of them.

YSL Perfume- This pefume has a mix of lavender and a tint of vanilla in it. It is the perfect scent for a night out.

Chanel – this to me is a very feminine scent. It is very soft . The exact way Chanel designs their clothing

Jo Malone-. Jo Malone makes the perfect scents. Their isn’t one that I havent found that I haven’t likes. When I say there is something for everyone, Jo Malone is the perfect place to start.

Valentino This perfume doesn’t only have the most beautiful packaging, but this scent reminds me of flower garden. There is something so amazing about the scent. It would be a great choice to wear to a wedding . It smells amazing.

Mugler- This is a jasmine scent with a bit of bergamot. This is another that just has a divine smell to it. I absolutely fell in love with it .

I hope you enjoyed my Spring Perfume favorites. These are honestly some of the best scents that I have ever used.

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