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My Favorite Alo Products that I’m loving

If you are passionate about clean , vegan and cruelty free products, then you will love Alo products. I can’t tell you how much I’m loving their new line of body and wellness products. You all know I’m a huge product junkie, but I’ve really stepped forward in my wellness to start using products that are healthy and clean. I feel in the long run, it honestly is just healthier for you.

The body lotion is amazing

The Alo products are great because they smell amazing and I know what I’m putting on my body is vegan and clean. I basically picked up their whole line of products a few weeks ago, and I’m hooked. One thing that I’m waiting on due to being sold out is their diffuser. I bought their oils and I can’t tell you how much they smell up your room.

The glow body oil is one of my favorites
The magnesium spray is a great way to add more magnesium to your wellness

The body lotion, and the body glow oil is some of my favorites. The lotion on , followed by the oil is to die for. The sleep oil that goes in the diffuser is one of the best scents ever. I’ve used many oils in the past, but the Alo oils are superb. The products can be ordered from the website , or picked up at some of their stores. I’m a sucker for Alo clothes, so I try to pop in there each month to see what new products they are carrying. If you guys are looking for some amazing products to stock your bathroom with , or just want to make a change to a more cleaner product, Alo is the way to go. I can’t tell you enough how much I’m loving their products. I’ve linked most of their products into my online shop, and to LTK. You will not be disappointed.

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