avocado toast

My Delicious Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast seems like a favorite for everyone. It definitely is for me. One thing I love about it is not only is it delicious, but you can make it however you want with whatever you want. One thing I love adding to mine is seeds. Seeds are full of good antioxidants and they are delicious to boot. I add them to my salads, my wraps, and my yogurt bowls. Their are a variety of healthy seeds at your local health store that you can add to your daily diet regimen. This morning starter has some great fats and vitamins to get you through your day the right way.

avocado toast
The best avocado toast


-1 to 2 slices of sprouted bread. ( I love Ezekiel bread)

-1 organic avocado

-hemp seeds


-chia seeds


-1 organic cage free egg ( optional)

Toast your bread however you want. I love mine extra toasty. Slice the avocado and spread it over the toast. You can use 1/2 if you’d like. I prefer to use the whole avocado. It is loaded with lots of good fats. Sprinkle the seeds over your toast. Spread some spinach on top. Optional you can fry an egg over medium heat and place on top. This is so yummy. You can also add a tomato on top too. I like to add a dash of pepper and a bit of all bagel seasoning. This just tops the delicious taste. Who isn’t addicted to the all bagel seasoning? Hope you all enjoy !



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  1. Lori Baldwin says:

    I love avocado toast, one of my favorites! I definitely, will add some seeds now. Beautiful presentation. Thanks for sharing. Keep the yummy recipes coming.
    Have a wonderful day. 😊

    1. Melissa Hood says:

      Your so Welcome!

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