My Casual Rosemary Beach Look

Hey Everyone!

I’m sorry if it seems like forever since I’ve done a post. I have been traveling a bunch lately, but no complaining here. I feel that is what I was born to do. Lol. I recently spent an amazing week in Rosemary Beach, Florida with my family for Spring Break. I can’t tell you how much I fell in love with the place, but I’m going to keep that for a later post. I had posted a photo on my feed while I was there, and the direct messages were coming in on the outfit that I was wearing. I thought I would share a blog post with you so that I could tell you the exact details of the outfit. For one, it’s very comfortable. I don’t think you complain too much when it includes Lululemon leggings, a favorite of mine. I do love a good crop with my leggings. I find them very relaxing. I feel one misconception about me is that I’m all about luxury. I do love Luxury, but when it comes to basic staple items, I do have my stores that aren’t luxury. I find that you can really pick up some good wardrobe basic staples from stores like H&M, Abercrombie and Fitch and Target. I absolutely love the cotton tanks from Target. They work well under blazers, and when your going out for a run. The makeup that I am wearing is by Nars, which is one of my all time favorite brands.

I love wearing Nars tinted moisturizer with built in SPF
My Casual Look In Rosemary Beach

This particular outfit is a perfect outfit that is casual, yet sporty. I am wearing the leggings by the amazing Lululemon. I find their leggings just work well for anything and everything. I have worn their leggings with sneakers, heels, boots, mules, ect. I feel you can draw just about any look together with a pair of these leggings. These leggings go everywhere with me, and when I say everywhere , I mean everywhere. I think I love them so much that I have just about every color in the align leggings. I wear the 28″ align as I like my leggings longer. The top is the basic white crop tee by Abercrombie and Fitch. Like I said before, I feel you can find basic staples in neutral colors from Abercrombie. My shoes are my favorite luxury sneaker by Jimmy Choo. These sneakers go with EVERYTHING. These were a huge hit when I first shared these on my platform. These are pricey, but I view them as an investment piece. I will have them a long time, and I keep them spotless. I feel Luxury sneakers will never go out of style. My glasses are my favorite style by Tom Ford. Tom Ford , to me, emplifies all things stylish. I don’t think there is one thing that man has come out with that I haven’t drooled over. No joke. My bag is a staple by Louis Vuitton. This is a small messenger bag that works well with sporty outfits, or an elegant night out. Louis Vuitton never disappoints. Messenger bags work great on quick trips so well. This whole outfit can be shopped at my Like to Know it platform, or you can scroll down to my shop area on my website and shop there. I hope you all are having an amazing Day!

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