Is the Kroma wellness 5 Day Reset worth it?

I tried the Kroma Wellness 5 Day reset last week, and to say the results were great would be a huge understatement. I couldn’t believe how I felt at the end of the 5 Days. I received the deluxe Kroma 5 day wellness reset before Christmas, so I knew I wanted to start at the beginning of the year. It was the best thing ever.

Such a gorgeous packaging

It starts out with a beautiful, aesthetic box that arrives and the packaging is absolutely beautiful. They organize everything for you into colorful little packets from Day 1-Day 5. Each morning I started it off with a delicious Beauty Matcha Latte. This gives you a little burst of energy and a great way to start your morning. I added in the superfood creamer they send along with you. It’s loaded with lots of MCT oil and many other superfoods. One thing I realized is that I never got hungry. They thought this reset through very well. They give you a hydration packet that I drank with my water after my workout each day.

I then would make their delicious smoothie after my workout which is different every day. You add a bit of unsweetened almond milk or milk of your choice, and that simply gets you through the morning. They give you the most amazing broth soups to eat at each meal. When I say these broths are liquid gold, they are liquid gold. I even got my husband addicted to it. I had one of their delicious broths each day, then a superfood green elixir in early afternoon. This was delicious too. I’m huge on my greens and it didn’t disappoint. I then would have a great latte in later afternoon and my dinner would be a bone broth or veggie broth. I loved them all. I ended up buying all the broths after the reset ended to add nourishment to my days. The night time consisted of a great magnesium tea for a deep , calm sleep.

I made sure to hydrate well everyday with plenty of water, and also used their fasting tea which is so good. I ended up losing 8lbs at the end, which I know a lot was water weight from the holidays. It felt so good to give my body a reboot. I even seen a difference in my skin. I’m a huge advocate in the belief of you are what you eat. I’m also a huge advocate of Kroma Wellness. I’ve done alot of resets in my time, but I have to say this was my favorite out of all. I’m definitely going to be doing this reset every 6 months. If you are looking for a great way to reset your body, improve your skin, and feel amazing , this reset is the bomb. I absolutely love it and look forward to using it again in the future. Thank you Kroma Wellness.

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