Givenchy is the New Luxury in Sneakers

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I dont know about you, but when it comes to my sneakers , I am a die hard fan. The best thing about how far sneakers have come, is they are a part of luxury like we have never seen before. It use to be that the main brands like Nike, Under Armour, ect. were the main brands to pick from. The Luxury brands have really expanded into the comfort zone. I love the looks and comfort sneakers give off. You can really dress sneakers up today. Whether you are wearing a great pair of jeans, or a long skirt, sneakers can make that outfit look amazing. They give off a very European vibe that I love.

Givenchy at its best

I recently picked up the new style of the Givenchy sneakers. I can’t believe the comfort they have, and how they make an outfit look. The whole vibe that Givenchy gives is luxury style. These sneakers are just a plus when it comes to that. They have expanded their sneaker line, and includes so many amazing styles. I can’t wait to pair these sneakers with a great pair of leggings and blazer. I feel that sneakers are really starting to take on a whole new vibe. It’s not just the comfort stand point, but luxury with comfort. I am seeing so many amazing brands come out with great sneakers, imcluding the like of Alexander McQueen and Jimmy Choo. Fendi has even come out with a great pair.

I wouldn’t exactly say that I would run in these beauties. They feel comfortable enough to do so, but the price means too much to me to wear them down. I feel these are meant to make a fashion statement in a very comfortable way. I love these sneakers too because they are slip ons. They have the label on the side, and has the most amazing comfort. I plan on keeping these around for a while .

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