overhead shot of a white plate with a vegan dish

Delicious Organic Pesto Gnocchi Salad

Gnocchi is one of the best ingredients that can make a pasta dish so good. The problem with gnocchi in my opinion is that the calories can add up, especially with potato gnocchi. You eat a whopping 250 calories in 1 cup. Yes, it is good, but the calories aren’t. I recently found an amazing cauliflower gnocchi from Trader Joe’s that is low-carb, and gluten free. It is absolutely delicious and doesn’t have all the excess calories. This is a great quick and easy dinner or even lunch for that matter. I do add a few extra ingredients, or shall we say toppings to the top of my salad. It’s just a few added ingredients with lots of antioxidants. I hope you all enjoy this recipe as much as I do.

overhead shot of a white plate with a vegan dish
Delicious Cauliflower Gnocci


-1 bag of Trader Joe’s Cauliflower Gnocchi. ( You are more than welcome to use any type that your heart desires).

-1 Can Vegan Pesto Sauce ( you can find this in any health food store). You can make your own , but that can get real calorie heavy)

-Organic Baby Kale ( washed really well) or you can use Spinach Leaves if you prefer

-Mushrooms ( optional and organic)

-Basil ( fresh is the best)

-Black pepper

-Vegan Cheese shred

Cook the Cauliflower Gnocchi over medium heat. Make sure you are stirring during the cooking time so the gnocchi doesn’t stick to the pan. It only needs to cook for about 20 minutes. Make sure it is thoroughly done. Once it is done cooking, drain the water and set aside. Pour the Vegan Pesto sauce over low heat. Cook well. If you are using mushrooms, place the mushrooms in a small skillet over medium heat with a tiny bit of olive oil. Cook the mushrooms until they are browned. I add a bit of chia seed to the mushrooms. Once everything is cooked , place the gnocchi in a bowl, and pour the pesto sauce over it. Add in the mushrooms. Make sure to stir well. Top with the Vegan Cheese and add some basil and Pepper to the top. Once you put on you plate, you can top with Baby kale . If you prefer to cook the kale, you can add a bit in with the mushrooms and cook together with olive oil. This is honestly a great , quick meal for the whole family to enjoy.



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  1. This looks so yummy!

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    2. Melissa Hood says:

      It’s amazing

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