Blume Love.. Loving these amazing Superfood Lattes

Hey Loves!

I have to share with you my favorite drink at the moment, and they are as pretty as delicious! They are Blume superfood Lattes! I can’t tell you how much I am loving these delicious drinks.

The offer so many different kinds, and they were so generous to send me some to try out. I am hooked on them for a number of reasons. They offer so many different blends including turmeric cacao, matcha coconut , which are two of my favorites. I absolutely love the Glow latte which is amazing for your skin. They are plant based functional blends that you can enjoy in your favorite mug, or even add them in to a great healthy bowl. They use nutritionally dense products that have amazing health benefits.

The perfect evening dessert drink

You can add these latte mixes to hot water, or even your favorite steamed milk. They are a great alternative to kick the caffeine habit. These drinks give you energy, and are all around the perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle. One thing that I love about Blume is the fact that they are sugar free, gluten free, vegan and plant based. All right up my alley. I’m all about putting healthy ingredients in my body, and you can’t go wrong with Blume.

This is amazing for the skin

Their Oat Milk Chai and Rose London Fog are to die for. They are a great start to my mornings or even an evening dessert drink. There are so many different ways to incorporate these amazing health drinks into your daily lifestyle. Check out Blume and try out one of their amazing Lattes. You will not be disappointed.

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