3 Top Tips To Ease Back Into A workout Routine Post the Covid-19 Pandemic

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The onset of the Covid-19 virus created a ripple effect globally. The virus caused a shift in pattern from normal life to a more adjusted type of living. The national stay-orders and curfews made it almost impossible to carry out your normal daily routine.

Among the industries gravely affected by the pandemic is the fitness industry. Due to movement and interaction limitations, gyms became a hotspot for the virus to thrive, mutate and spread.

Gyms attract a lot of traffic. According to statistics, approximately 60.9 million people belong to a health club, with a record of 70 million individuals visiting a health club in 2017.

Staying healthy and fit amidst the pandemic is fundamental in promoting your physical and mental health as well. The pandemic period contains too much uncertainty that causes aggravated stress levels. As a result of this, most people opt for home exercises to relieve the stress burden.

In 2020, the purchase of fitness equipment increased by 23% as more people geared towards fitness routines in their homes. The pandemic significantly changed how people respond to fitness.

Due to work-from-home strategies, most people have become inactive. Studies show that physical activity dropped immensely between January and June.

If you are among the statistic, these helpful tips will guide you in easing back to your fitness routine:

Set Goals and Timelines

You need to come up with fitness goals and decide when you need to achieve them. Having goals means that you are setting a roadmap for your fitness journey. It also helps in keeping you on track of what you need to achieve.

For instance, if you need to build more muscle around your torso, you can set a goal of doing a certain number of push-ups each day.

To make it more interesting, you can have a daily checklist of your routines. Checking off the completed routines will give you a sense of accomplishment and motivate you for the next day.

Slowly Draw Yourself In

As an avid fitness enthusiast, easing back to a routine can be easy and challenging as well. Gradually working back into your routine is essential to avoid a body strain.

Depending on how long you have been inactive, you must reduce your workout intensity by 20% to 50%.

You can purchase fitness equipment for home workouts to help you ease in before hitting the gym. For instance, the Top X3 Bar can be a great addition to help you build back your muscles from the comfort of your home.


To keep you on track with your goals, you need to have someone else accountable for your fitness journey. An accountability partner might be the push that you need.

With today’s technology, you can share your workout routine and your accomplishments with your fitness buddy. The apps also provide challenges that you can be part of with your family and friends.

Easing back into a routine after a long period of absence may not be easy. Holding someone accountable will give you the right motivation.

Finally, as you get back to fitness, hydration is equally important to your health as exercise is. Experts recommend about 11.5 cups of water for women and 15.5 cups for men daily.

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